“Yesterday two hours of luxurious treatment, today in the morning wonderfully rested skin. With that lots of useful information about for me unknown cosmetics branch. Thanks to Mrs. Horváthová for really above-standard approach.”

Jana Prodělalová, 16. 11. 2017

“Amazing cosmetics together with great counseling in skin treatment. Thank you for a pleasant care. You have a gift that is not very common. To all women who care about their  skin I can recommend Mrs. Horváthová and Christina cosmetics.”

Hana Valníčková, 23. 10. 2017

“High quality cosmetics, great treatment from Mrs. Andrea and pleasant prices. Thank you. Recommended!”

Mila Šebková, 18. 7. 2017

“I was very satisfied with very pleasant cosmetician who works with beautiful cosmetics products. Warmly recommended.”

Veronika Štefánková, 27. 10. 2016

“Thank you for the exceptional service and extra care!”

Ioana Florentina Augello, 18. 9. 2016

“Andrejka, thank You very much for a quality skin care. You have golden hands, I had a really great time. It’s obvious you work with love and everyone leaves your place as an angel.”

Yvonne Klusi, 5. 8. 2015

“Thank you for the treatment and wonderful relaxation.”

Dario Boháč, 4. 8. 2015

“Relaxation, rest, beautiful and radiant skin… I’m always looking forward to this. And that wonderful massage! I cannot describe it, try to experience that!”

Mirka Svědínková, 21. 7. 2015

“The combination of quality cosmetics and treatment from the hands of pleasant and original Mrs. Andrea will make you feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. At least I left after two hours of total relaxation feeling like that…”

Kateřina Madaras, 16. 7. 2015

“Thank you Andrejka, I feel great, it was very relaxing, I’m beautiful and You are simply wonderful.”

Ivana Klusáčková Zrůnová, 1. 7. 2015

“Mrs. Andrea is very pleasant and polite. She’s very flexible when it comes to the date and also your treatment. It’s obvious she takes her work seriously and loves what she’s doing. She always gives her clients her best and she tries to make you feel fully satisfied.”

Michaela Sabotová, 12. 9. 2017
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